Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planning A New Week

A new week starts tomorrow. Time to look over your goals, and decide what to do with today, tomorrow, and the next day. If you're like me, your weekly to-do list on Sunday rarely matches your check-off list at the end of the week. It seems like no matter how logical my plan, things come up. Planning a new week can be a frustrating task since I'm never sure how it will turn out.

The techie thing I want to do with my website hits wall after wall of technical difficulties. That to-do item goes from "30 minutes to add Twitter button" to "1 hour to look up how to undo wrong HTML coding" since I am not a web designer, just a do-it-yourselfer. Welcome-but-unexpected last minute clients mean re-arranging my schedule to accomodate them, and unexpected cancellations in my acupuncture practice open up time to write more. A whole day can be re-arranged if my energy is lower than expected. And please don't ask about packing my house to move!